Our values

Quality and Security above all.

Health & Safety, a daily battle.

Nord Motors is committed to insuring the safety of its collaborators and partners with its “Zero Accident“ objective.
Based on the necessary regulations and prevention tools, our management system of health and safety is MASE certified. Everyone is also:

  • Actor for their own security and for others
  • Anticipates and analyzes risks
  • Uses adequate prevention and protection methods
  • Participates in the “Zero Accident“ challenge

Commitment to this approach, proven daily from the Nord Motors team, allows us to improve our solutions to risky situations everyday. We want to continue these efforts and react even better to improvements in the Health, Safety and Environment areas.

Security, the guarantee we offer to our clients.

Nord Motors commits itself to the security of installation on projects where the company intervenes.
Based on the INSAG 4 principals, Nord Motors has developed a security management system in line with our certifications: MASE, ISO 9001 and UTO-EDF qualification.
Nord Motors embeds a culture of security and human practices along with their collaborators via an increase in skills in order to achieve successful installations.

Environment, a fight for respect for all.

Concerned for the impact it could have on our environment, our company is committed to its protection!
Although not certified, Nord Motors benefits from an environment management system integrated into their MASE system which allows them to improve their activities with risk and reduce their impact.
Nord Motors goes beyond its regulatory obligations and whatever it be, always respects the contract’s expected environmental demands.

Quality, our magic word.

Nord Motors has developed a certified ISO 9001 quality management system for all its activities.
Our quality system allows our client’s wishes to be heard at all levels within our organization. Thanks to this system, Nord Motors guarantees the quality of its services and the flexibility of a SMB. With this, nothing is fixed in place and can be adapted to the client’s demand (intervention reports, lists…).
Nord Motors is also qualified as Case 1 for UTO-EDF for its maintenance of rotating machines and “Generators“ activity domain.