Industrial mechanical assistance

Call-outs on all types of mechanical installations.

In order for you to optimize and maintain your lines of production, Nord Motors provides a diagnostic as well as a list of preventative and curative actions to manage.

Nord Motors also operates just as much on one-off contracts than industrial maintenance contracts (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical).

Nord Motors offers:

  • installation audit
  • list of curative and preventative actions to manage
  • preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Curative maintenance (available 24/7)
  • Machining and repair work on your site and subdivisions
  • complete renovation of your machines and their subdivisions
  • renovation of components such as: hydropower plants, hydraulic jack, geared motor/ reduction gear, hydraulic coupler, pumps with fluid.

We are equipped to carry out all control and mechanical repair work operations, in shutdown or in operation. We carry out work on engine rooms, turbines, rotating machines, compressors, pumps, air-coolers…Our team can work to short deadlines for on-going, one-off or for mechanical, electromechanical and piping maintenance contracts.

Our highly-qualified team is made up of site supervisors, welder specialists and mechanics.

Our services:

  • non-destructive testing
  • endoscopic testing
  • oil and fuel analysis
  • bleeding
  • magnetoscopy
  • Cylinder head adjustment
  • valve adjustment
  • Balancing cylinder
  • Rotating piece balancing up to 4t/3m
  • Heat test bench
  • Calibration injection (pumps and injections)
  • Machining: large-capacity boring machine and tower

Mechanical Assistance:

  • Cylinder head and valve adjustment, cylinder deglazing
  • Reclassification and machining of mechanical parts: connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads
  • Non-destructive testing (magnetoscopy, penetrant testing), endoscopy and metrology
  • shaft alignment
  • on-site machining
  • Turbo-charger maintenance
  • Driveline restoration
  • load bank test up to 800kW

Electromechanical Assistance:

  • Automations, regulation and control system
  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Alternator testing (stator and rotor isolation testing), executor testing

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