Our History

Development getting off to a flying start.


The company Nord Motors sees the light of day in Holque in the North of France.


Nord Motors increases its activity with a new 600m2 workshop in Watten in the North of France.


Nord Motors acquires the company JLC, a business specialized in industrial piping and soldering.


To keep-up with the international growing demand of diesel and DENOX maintenance, Nord Motors opens two new offices based in Guyane and Guadeloupe. The Nord Motors group has a considerable growth and acquires the company Soremi du Détroit, a business specialized in boilerworks. Nord Motors moves to its new offices in Eperlecques in the North of France with 1800m2 of offices and workshops.


The Nord Motors group builds-up with a new affiliate branch, Nord Metal Services, a branch specialized in machining and boilerworks.


The Nord Motors site in Eperlecques begins its extension work.