Supplies, Installation and Assembly Assistance for the Baudouin range.

NORD MOTORS is the official BAUDOUIN distributor for the Hauts de France region. We handle the distribution, maintenance and follow-up of the Baudouin engines, drive lines and spare parts. Our experience has allowed us to offer you a solution to resolve all your issues.

Baudouin is a one-hundred-year-old company specialized in diesel marine engine manufacturing and electricity production across the world. The Baudouin engines are long-lasting, reliable and highly-developed with the required robustness for a marine engine.

Baudouin offers a complete Marine and PowerKit range from 18 to 1650kVm, an amplitude that few engine manufacturers can compete with. With several R&D centres around the world, Baudouin continually improves and adapts their ranges according to local regulations of their clients.


  • Expertise in BAUDOUIN engines to determine a product adapted to your needs.
  • Commercialization and delivery of the chosen engine.
  • Product installation on your site and putting in service.
  • Preventative and curative maintenance of your installation by trained technicians.
  • Access to all types of BAUDOUIN spare parts.

New Installations

We guarantee high-quality installation thanks to our expertise. In addition the robustness of the BAUDOUIN engines has been proven and their reliability ensures optimal availability, thanks to their simple design.

The Baudouin products are in compliance with the latest maritime and fluvial environmental standards, thanks to the SCR system. The Baudouin engines are optimized for economical and easy maintenance.

Spare Parts

Our BAUDOUIN stock of parts allows us to provide you with the necessary parts for the maintenance of your installation in a short timeframe.